Referral Codes Referral Code Or Link: Upto ₹500 Cashback Order

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Use the referral code or link to earn 50 coins and up to a Rs. 500 bonus on orders from various brands. The order value must be over Rs. 150.

Before you shop for brands, add your email in the brand profile section. Referral Code Or Link 2024 referral codeOnly referral link referral linkDownload App
Signup benefitupto Rs. 500 cashback on brands
Refer & EarnRs.50 Coins
Maximum Refers10 or 5
Withdrawal Amount 200+ Coins
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How To Earn Upto 500 Cashback from

First Download The From Referral Link.

Then enter your mobile number and verify with otp.

Then Create Your Mail. (Ex: Like Gmail)

You want to order or are interested in four brands.

Flash Offers

You will receive a cashback offer of up to Rs.500 for the brand you have chosen. Latest Offers

  • Swiggy

Place an order of Rs. 99 or more and receive up to Rs. 100 cashback.

Flash swiggy
  • Uber

Ride for Rs. 149+ and receive a flat Rs. 500 cashback by adding your email to your Uber account.

  • Flipkart

Order Above ₹499 and Get upto ₹500 Cashback in

Explore Extra offers by visiting for more exciting deals

Here are some proofs of cashback received from Flash. Refer And Earn

First , Download or open the app.

Go to the menu and look for “ Refer and Earn.” Click on it.

Share your Flash referral code or link with friends. Referral Code

When your friends use Flash for their first order of Rs. 150, you get 50 coins, and they also receive 50 coins.

Terms And Conditions For Referral Program

  • When an persons signs up using your referral link, you will receive 50 coins as a reward.
  • The referred person must make a Buy from a specific brand. The purchase must be more than Rs 99 for the referral reward to be applicable.
  • Before you refer someone, make sure to check and confirm the reward you’ll get for the referral.
  • You’re eligible to withdraw from, but only when you have a least 200 coins in your account.
  • 1 Coins = Rs.1, Latest offer upto 500 coins on selected brands.

About is like email ID for earning cashback when your order is delivered.

To get cashback on, paste the given email( Example: ) in the brand app’s email section. After your order is delivered from Swiggy, Ajio, Uber, Ola, Flipkart, or Amazon, you’ll receive coins as cashback. You can withdraw them. Personal Reviews is a great app. Just paste your ID on the brand’s profile, and you’ll get cashbacks with every order. No investment is required; it’s that easy. Personal Experience

Overall, this is a totally unique idea. Enjoying a lot of cashbacks without worrying about the tracking of cashbacks. Perfect categorization of important mail. The problem is that some sites don’t send “delivered” emails. As a result, this is not considered an order, even though it still shows as shipped. Also, remove the least order value and make it as it was before… Akash K Panda

Flash Frequently Asked Questions

To get cashback on Download the app using a referral link. Verify your mobile number. Create a Mail. Pick four favorite brands. (Paste Flash mail on Brand app) Receive cashback up to Rs.500 for the chosen brand.
You can refer up to 10 or 5 friends on, depending on the program rules.

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