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Jupiter App Referral Code [xWwZMH] : Earn 500 Jewels Instant

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Enter the code “xWwZMH” in the Jupiter Referral or section to get 500 jewels right away. There are no hidden charges.

500 jewels is equal to Rs 500 in a direct bank account deposit or buy gold.

(Must): If you make a Rs. 1000 debit card payment anywhere (Bill Payments, Shopping, Add Money),

You will receive 500 jewels by using the Jupiter coupon code or offer code [tzyCA9].

Jupiter App Offer Code Or Referral 2024

Jupiter Offer CodexWwZMH
Referral LinkDownload App
Signup Reward500 jewels = Rs. 100
Refer and Earn Reward1000 Jewels instant
Jupiter Promo Codes BFBpoG
Jupiter BenefitsZero Balance, Free Savings Account
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How to Sign Up With Jupiter App and Latest Benefits

  • To begin, download the Jupiter app. You can also open the app using the Jupiter referral link. The offer code will be applied.
  • Please enter your mobile number. It must be linked with your Aadhar card.
  • Choose a SIM card, and the system will confirm the link to your number on that phone.
  • Enter the Jupiter Offer Code “xWwZMH” or Coupon Code and get 500 jewels for Rs. 500.
  • Now, submit your KYC documents. The first document required is your PAN card.
  • You need to have your Aadhar card for the second document. You also need to verify your mobile number with an OTP.
  • Jupiter will take a video verification or selfie for security purposes.
  • Jupiter will ask for nominee details, occupation, and annual income; fill it out.
  • Set up your MPIN (4-DIGIT PASSCODE) for added security.
  • If Jupiter’s Earth-to-Jupiter journey is displayed, your account opens. If seats in the app are full, contact support.
  • Deposit money into the Jupiter account using the bank account number. You can also use other methods.
  • Set up a debit card and enable domestic payments for jewels.
  • To receive 500 jewels, you need to make your first debit card transaction of Rs. 1000 or more using your Jupiter card.
  • You will receive instant jewels in your bank account. The jewels will be converted into gold or exchanged for vouchers.

Jupiter App: Refer And Earn (2024)

Jupiter Refer And Earn
  • First, open the Jupiter app and enter your MPIN.
  • Go to Jupiter Referral Rewards and click on Refer and Earn.
  • Share your referral code or link. When your friend opens an account with your offer code, you will receive 500 jewels.
  • They need to use their Jupiter virtual card for the first transaction to get the referral reward.
  • And your friend will also receive an instant $500 reward after a debit card transaction.
  • Redeem jewels in direct bank, gold, or brand vouchers.

Jupiter Offer Terms And Conditions

  • Get 500 jewels:

When you do your first debit transaction with Jupiter, you’ll earn 500 jewels as a referral reward.

  • How to Qualify:

Make sure your first debit transaction is with Jupiter to unlock your reward.

  • Who’s Eligible:

This offer is for new Jupiter users who joined through a referral.

  • Getting Your Jewels:

After your first debit transaction, 500 jewels will be added to your account.

  • Redeem for cash or gold:

Your 500 jewels are worth Rs. 500! Redeem them directly into your bank account or convert them into gold.

  • Changes in the Referral Program:

This offer can change at any time. Make sure to check the latest terms before referring your friends.

Jupiter Upgrade Salary Account Reward

Jupiter Salary Account Reward

Upgrade to Jupiter’s Salary Account and Earn Rs. 500 Instantly Upon Joining.

Enjoy benefits up to ₹45000/year by upgrading.

Share your account details with HR to deposit your salary into Jupiter Bank. Or, watch the video above to understand.

Benefits Of (Jupiter Offer Code) Salary Account

  • Earn 500 jewels in your Jupiter referral account.
  • Unlock 5x Jewels and 5x Gold Rewards on every spend from your Jupiter Account. This offer is only for Salary Account users.
  • Zero Balance Bank Account (No Hidden Charges)
  • ₹299 Free Physical Debit Card.
  • Enjoy free forex transactions up to ₹1 lakh every month.

Jupiter Pro Account Reward And Features

Jupiter Pro Account Reward

Upgrade to Jupiter’s Pro Account and earn a Rs. 250 Flipkart voucher.

What to do: Maintain a Monthly Balance of Rs. 10,000 and Get Benefits of up to Rs. 15,000 per Year

Features of Pro Account – 1. Get Rs. 250 Flipkart voucher By Using Jupiter Offer Code.

Jupiter Flipkart Voucher
  • 5x Jewels on spend through jupiter debit card.
  • ₹199 Zero Annual Debit Card Fees.
  • Get free Forex transactions each month up to â‚¹1 lakh.

Most Asked Questions

Jupiter's latest referral offer gives a reward of 500 jewels. Users can also get extra benefits up to Rs. 10,000.
For the basic account, there is an annual charge of Rs. 200.
You can redeem the 500 jewels directly into your bank account or convert them into gold.
If you see this error, report it to They'll track your request, and once a slot is available, they'll reach out to you.

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