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Samsung Referral Code 2024: Get 8% off up to ₹4500 Per referral.

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Get up to 8% off Galaxy devices by using the Samsung referral code “REFPT2ELTV2H” When you order from Samsung Shop, apply the code in the order section.

Samsung Referral Program Benefits 2024

Samsung Referral Code
Samsung Referral CodeREFPT2ELTV2H
Sign Up Bonus8% Discount On Devices
Referral BonusRewards up to ₹4,500
Discount Applicable Phones, TVs, headphones, etc.
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How To Apply Samsung Referral Code in India

  • Sign in or log in with your mobile number or email ID.
  • Congratulations! You have now created your account on Samsung.
  • Add your Galaxy device to your cart. You can find the discount section above.
Samsung Referral Code
  • Enter the Samsung Referral Discount Code “REFPT2ELTV2H” and get an 8% discount.
  • Add your address and verify all details. Proceed to the payment page.
  • Make a payment and receive an 8% discount. You can also track it on the Samsung app.
  • Discounts mostly apply to Galaxy devices or phones; try for other products.
  • This discount is only for purchases in India.
  • Note: After 14 days of placing a friend order, a Samsung reward will be generated. (Referral Reward)
  • CA students and other students can now get a 10% discount on Samsung products.

Samsung Refer And Earn (India)

Samsung Refer And Earn
  • Download or open the Samsung app first.
  • Sign in or log in using your mobile number or Gmail ID.
  • When you order something from the Samsung Store, the referral section will be unlocked.
  • Share your referral code with your friends.
  • If they use it to make a purchase, you can get discounts up to ₹4500.
  • You can use Samsung Referral Rewards for 100% off on any product in the Samsung app.
Samsung Refer

Samsung Students Offer (February)

Microsoft Students can receive a 10% discount on Samsung accessories, devices, and all products.

Use your student ID (DOB) to unlock great deals and offers on Samsung products. This is mostly for CA (Chartered Accountant) students.

This offer is only for Samsung CA students. To qualify, you need a valid student ID and a registered email for the Student Advantage program.

Working Samsung Discounts Codes

Here are some fresh discount codes, recently generated by users.


Use these codes and get an easy 8% discount. You can also share them with other people.

Terms And Conditions For Samsung App

  • The Samsung Referral Discount applies to Galaxy devices and certain other selected products. (Some items are not eligible for the discount.)
  • They (the friend) must order and use a referral code in the order section to receive a referral reward.
  • Samsung will process and send your referral reward to your registered email after 14 days (after the order).
  • The discount is applicable only in India.

Asked Questions

Anyone who has made a purchase from the Samsung Shop is eligible to participate in Samsung Refer and Earn.
Your Referral code might not work because: 1. The product you're buying isn't eligible for the discount. 2. The code has been used too many times already.

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